Buttock Enhancements

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For that brilliant backside you’ve always wanted – one that is fuller, firmer and shapelier – look no further than Dr Confidence!

At our conveniently located clinics in Liverpool, Manchester and London, we specialise in providing high quality, non-surgical consultant-led treatments for natural looking buttock augmentation.

These simple, highly effective and non-invasive treatments are pain-free and involve minimal downtime - designed to send you on your way with instant, confidence boosting results.

Dr Confidence is increasingly being selected by both women and men nationwide who are keen to improve the appearance and shape of their buttock region.

We use tried and tested, industry regulated hyaluronic acid injections – a naturally produced substance found in the body, which is shown to achieve both the best volume and long lasting results.

There really is no need to resort to under- the knife surgery with all the associated disruption and discomfort.

We can also arrange finance for you so that you can spread payments – increasing affordability.

For the butt you desire, the rear that turns heads, that delightful derriere, call Dr Confidence today for an initial consultation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Prior to treatment we will undertake a detailed consultation with you to ensure you are entirely happy with the recommended treatment
  • Treatments are carried under local anaesthetic by a fully qualified Dr Confidence consultant
  • The amount of HA dosage we use will depend on the degree of enhancement deemed suitable and realistic
  • Procedures take approximately 30 minutes
  • Results are immediate
  • You can go home straight away
  • You can be back at work the following day
  • Cost of treatment is less than implant surgery or fat transfer surgery
  • Dr Confidence can arrange finance for you
  • To maintain your new look, top-ups are recommended every nine to eighteen months


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Q: Is this treatment suitable for me?

This will be assessed during your consultation but our treatments are ideally suited for those with a firmer posterior. We will take a full medical history during the consultation prior to any treatment being undertaken.

Q: What result can I expect?

This will depend upon the amount of HA injected in order to give a realistic appearance. Regular top-ups are recommended every 12 months or so after the initial treatment to maintain your new lifted appearance.

Q: You say this is a non-surgical procedure. So will I need an anaesthetic?

Our procedures are all conducted under local anaesthetic, so there is no downtime in terms of recovery. We inject hyaluronic acid rather than using implants or fat transfer which are more invasive surgical procedures.

Much depends on the amount of hyaluronic acid that is injected. This treatment augments the buttocks without having to have surgery, but it may not be possible to achieve the same levels of augmentation as implants for example. However , as you can see from the photos a natural , voluminous buttock can be achieved with this treatment without having to have surgery. Remember , with this treatment you can always choose to have more sessions depending on your desires from the treatment itself.

Q: Will the treatment be painful?

You can be assured that both topical anaesthetic creams and locally injected anaesthesia will be applied to the area undergoing treatment, so this will be completely pain free.

Q: Is post treatment aftercare included in the price?

Yes. You are free to call up should you have any concerns after the treatment. The clinic will provide you with contact telephone numbers should you have any concerns ahead of your scheduled review? (… weeks after treatment).

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