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No matter how much we exercise and pay attention to our diets, there are still areas of fat which build up around the body that are simply too stubborn to shift. It isn’t helped by getting older!

But we have the perfect solution. At Dr Confidence, we offer highly effective, non-invasive fat loss treatments, using fat dissolving Aqualyx injections, without the need to resort to invasive surgery, like liposuction.

These increasingly popular treatments are equally suited to men and women and are available at our clinics in Liverpool, Manchester and London. As with the majority of our treatments, Dr Confidence can also arrange finance for you, so that you can spread payments - making our Aqualyx procedures extremely affordable.

A treatment for the whole body

fatAqualyx injections can be used in any area of the body where you want to be rid of unsightly or embarrassing flab, including:

  • Waistline
  • Buttocks
  • Hips and inner thighs
  • Upper arms and arm pits
  • Double Chin
  • Neck Jowls
  • Saddle bags
  • Chest Area
  • Back

How Aqualyx works

Aqualyx injections contain a naturally produced bile acid made in the liver, called desoxycholan acid, which has fat dissolving properties.

Once injected into the fatty region, Aqualyx locks onto the fat cell wall and breaks the cell down, stimulating the release of fatty acids which are then dispersed as energy in our bodies.

Under a local anaesthetic, the treatments are designed to be painless and, other than a slight redness or swelling which may follow immediately after the procedure, this should completely disappear within a day or two.

How many injections are necessary?

The number of treatments will vary from patient to patient and according to the extent of fat deposit which needs to be addressed. But typically, we would carry out between three and five treatments, once every three weeks.

How quickly will improvement be noticeable?

Certainly, we would expect to see marked progress during the treatment period with noticeable improvement by the end of your course.


As this is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure, there is no downtime following treatment, although it’s best to avoid strenuous activity or extreme heat for a week after each Aqualyx injection.

In order that you maintain that new-look slimmer, rejuvenated appearance, we recommend that all our patients exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. This may help prevent recurrence or build up of fat deposits in the treated areas.

Next Steps

If you are worried about fat build-up and you want to do something about it - painlessly and without any disruption or downtime - then call your nearest Dr Confidence clinic today – and we’ll set you on the road to a more slender, confident you!


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