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I had some penis enlargement with Dr James 2 months ago and l am very happy with results. 

Dr James took me step by step in his thorough consultation. I was a bit nervous but after he explained the procedure, became relaxed and confident.

The treatment was nice and painless. After going home l didn't have any pain and after 3 days everything was back to normal. I did this procedure for my self-confidence as l have always thought I have a small penis.

I would recommend Dr James for anyone thinking of penis enlargement. I have booked a top with him.

AK from London,

I am a very shy man and l have always had a small penis from when l was a teenager. I did l lot of research to find the best place with the best doctor to advice.

I found dr James. He explained everything to me until l regained my confidence back. He even laughed and told me that l don't need the procedure.

I decided to have 10ml into the penis shaft and 2ml into the gland. I thought l will die in pain, but he was so good and it was painless.

After the procedure, all was fine, no bruising, no pain, no blood!!I asked dr James how he did it!!! He replied me that you have come to the expert.

I have gained back my confidence, my penis is big and my partner is very happy. I wouldn't go to anyone else apart from dr James.

Very professional doctor with a reputation. 

JPG Liverpool - 25 yrs old male