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If you are worried about the length and width of your penis and you would like it looking larger than it currently does – both flaccid and erect- the good news is that pain-free, long-lasting and cost-effective treatment is available, which will boost your size.

There’s no doubt that the spread of porn on the internet has prompted increasing numbers of men to question the size of their penis.  

We are all human and watching well-endowed male performers strut their stuff has understandably got “normal size blokes” wondering whether a spruce up downstairs might be in order.

Which is the right way to go about achieving the buttock size you’ve always dreamt of? The head-turning rear that gives you that inner confidence wherever you go!

Well, if you aren’t happy with your present derriere and would like it improved, then we have some reassuring news.

At Dr Confidence, we are pleased to provide our clients with 0% finance helping you spread the cost of your treatment, across our full range of aesthetic procedures.

Our treatment finance is available on all procedures ranging from £250 - £25,000. You can also apply for finance on subsequent procedures if needed at a later date.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is this: for a larger penis, is it better to have injections or to undergo surgery?  

If you are considering treatment to increase length and girth size, there are a number of factors which you need to take into consideration, but the following are all key reasons why injections are the preferred option.

If you are keen to have a larger penis – then you need to be confident that the procedure will be carried by a specialist consultant, that you’ll see great results and that the treatment is affordable.

On all fronts, Dr Confidence delivers! Here are 6 key reasons why you should choose us for penis girth and glans enlargement.

We are the UK’s only specialist consultation and treatment clinic for non-surgical penis enlargement. All our consultations and treatments are carried out by Dr James Kimilu, a highly experienced doctor in the field of aesthetic medicine, with over 200 penis/girth enlargement procedures and having conducted more than 20,000 other aesthetic procedures.