• Dr. Confidence Aesthetics

    Dr. Confidence Aesthetics

    Specialists in non-surgical aesthetic and body enhancement treatments for male and females.
  • Penis Enlargement

    Penis Enlargement

    Clinics in Manchester, Liverpool and London, we are one of the UK’s leading specialists in non-surgical penis enlargement and non-surgical glans enlargement.
  • Buttock Enhancement

    Buttock Enhancement

    For fuller, firmer and shapelier results - we use industry regulated hyaluronic acid injections, a naturally produced substance found in the body
  • Non surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose reshaping)

    Non surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose reshaping)

    A fast, effective virtually pain- free way of reshaping your nose and improving your confidence

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Welcome to Dr Confidence Aesthetics.

Specialists in non- surgical aesthetic and body enhancement treatments for male and females.

Dr Confidence Clinics are run by Dr James Kimilu, who is one of the UK’s leading consultants in non-surgical, aesthetic treatments and a fully Registered Doctor with the General Medical Council.

With clinics in Liverpool, Manchester and London, Dr Confidence specialises in male and female non-surgical enhancements, including penis and glans enlargement, buttock enhancement and other cosmetic procedures.

Our confidential, consultant-led services are flexible, affordable and widely-used by patients across the UK.

Using only the safest, most recognised products on the market, we provide full consultative guidance with a comprehensive patient aftercare programme to assure you of total confidence in your treatment with us.

Call us in total privacy for a non-obligatory consultation.

At our clinics you can be sure of the best treatment, care and results to give you lasting self confidence


  1. Treatments performed by top UK aesthetic and body enhancement consultants
  2. We use one of the world's leading hyaluronic (HA) fillers for our enhancement treatments
  3. No needles, minimal discomfort, minimal downtime
  4. Fully approved by the General Medical Council and members of BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine), our consultants take time with each patient during consultation, treatment and with full aftercare support
  5. Flexible payment plans - Competitive and affordable with 0% finance (subject to status and availability)..
  6. Prices start from just £250 per ml
  7. Full assurance for lasting results that will build your personal confidence
We offer the following treatments in our clinics;

We offer the following treatments in our clinics;

  • Non-surgical Penis Enlargement.
  • Fat dissolving injections with Aqualix
  • Non-surgical Glans Enlargement
  • Non-surgical Rhinoplasty for nose reshaping
  • Non-surgical Buttock enhancement
  • All aesthetic procedures and treatments

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Affordable Payment Options

Affordable Payment Options

Our Flexible payment plans mean that our treatments can be extremely cost efficient where you can spread the payments to suit your budget.

Dr Confidence is dedicated to giving all our patients professional and safe medical treatments that improve body image and boost confidence so they can enjoy life to the full.